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Learn the Fretboad Once and For All ! Master the fretboard and improve sight reading using
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26 April 2010

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Are you looking for some active guidance to learn Fretboard? If you’re planning to go for some professional assistance, then be ready to burn a hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, an effectual yet cost-effective solution has been made available to you with the name of Guitar Notes 1.5. The program aids you in mastering Fretboard and improving sight reading through the sets of different fun drill. Not just classical guitar students, the aspiring guitarists can improve the understanding of Fretboard, while keeping sharpening the sight reading skills. With its interesting sets of fun drill you can enhance your ability of recognizing notes through name, musical or position representation.

With Guitar Notes helps you learn musical notations and names of entire notes present over a fretboard. Before beginning to use the program, you can alter its configurations for Drill options for Drill mode and Drill type; Fretboard range to set fretboard limits, low fret and high fret; along with Strings available features including 1st (High E), 2nd (B), 3rd (G), 4th (D), 5th (A), and 6th (Low E). In addition, you’re provided Misc settings containing force sitting, allow double flats, allow double sharps, white stall, left handed fretboard, and shake on wrong answer. With the interactive and attractive interface, you won’t feel monotonous while learning guitar’s musical notation. You can easily enhance your memory for notes, position, frets, etc to create desired type of music. The program is also effective as you won’t have to spend your money all over again, whenever you require practicing to play guitar. Through the interesting drills it becomes easier for users to carry out the learning process.

Guitar Notes 1.5 supports you to efficiently learn playing guitar by recognizing and practicing the notes and patterns well. The utility features smoothly operable functions and attractive interface to deliver prompt performance, making it deserve 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Learn the Fretboad Once and For All !
Master the fretboard and improve sight reading using the set of fun drills
Not only for classical guitar students,but for all aspiring guitarists who wish to improve understanding of guitar fretboard or to keep their sight reading skills sharp.
This interactive program features set of fun drills which will develop and improve your ability to recognize notes by name,position or musical representation.
Learn names of all notes on the fretboard
Learn musical notation
Improve your knowledge about fretboard
Customize drills to target your sticking points (set particular positions or strings to practice)
It is fun-you can use it in time mode (try to win best result in limited time) or try to achieve 100% success rate with limited number of questions
Much more...
Guitar Notes
Guitar Notes
Version 1.51
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